Chair of the Board
Marcia Picard

Partners for a Healthier Community

Board Members
Lisa Alves | Community Member
HealthFirst | WIC Program

Alexandra Cedenocorrea | Youth Member
Fall River Public Schools

Thomas Khoury | Community Member
Retired School Guidance Counselor

Kelly Kowalski
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

Michael Ramos | Community Member
Business Owner | Nurturing Father Facilitator

Jonathan Root | Community Member
Diman Regional Vocational Technical High School

Jack Shipley | Community Member
Southeast Center for Independent Living

Jay Silverstein | Community Member
Computer Technology Expert

Jason Springer | Community Member
Fall River Public Schools

Ramon Torres | Youth Member
Fall River Public Schools

Cathy Ann Viveiros | Community Member
City of Fall River


Contact Us:

For more information on the Advisory Board or to learn how to get involved, contact Wendy at or
508.324.7900 ext. 103

Advisory Board

Department of Children and Families
Jose Monteiro

Community Support Manager

Kelly Lownds
Area Program Manager

Fiscal Agent | Greater Fall River RE-CREATION
Grace Gerling
Executive Director

Jamison Souza
Program Director

Staff Members
Wendy Garf-Lipp
Executive Director

Suzanne Ramos
Director of Programs and Administration